Coke Can Stove

Timing: An afternoon creation.


Cost: Almost nothing


  • scrissors,
  • drill press, 2mm drill bit
  • ruler
  • plyers


  • at least 2 375ml “coke” cans,
  • Methylated Spirits for testing.


Take your two cans and remove the bottoms, leaving about 30mm. (I used the barcode as a reference)


from the top part of one of the cans, cut a strip 10mm wider than the bottoms. This part is to be placed into the center of the stove. Crimp one of your bottoms so that is will fit inside the other bottom.


Pierce the center  and remove the dome from the uncrimped “bottom”. This forms the top of the stove Coil and insert the straight strip into the bottom of the stove


Guide the top over the bottom part ensuring that the inner ring slots into the ridge that usually forms the foot of the can.


Using a drill or better still, a drill press, drill the vapour ring around the top of the stove.


Tidy it up a bit and compare it the the commercial product.


Add a small amount of fuel (Methylated Spirits in my case) and check that the stove doesn’t leak. Once you’re happy, light the stove in the center. You’ll struggle to see the small flame until the stove heats up and vapourises the fuel in the outer chamber. At this point you should hear it ‘jet” from the rings and burn hot and strong.

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