Power Distribution

Since beginning to setup my shack in September, I have been looking at organised ways of distributing power to all the equipment I currently have and the new projectsI have planned.

I have decided to standardise on Anderson Power Pole as my first choice for connectors. Since making this decision I have been slowly replacing the various connectors attached to my equipment.

Since starting this process, I became apparent that I needed a distribution board to tidy up the every increasing number of “y” cables. So this week I completed 2 6 ports Anderson Power Pole Distribution boards.

I downloaded a model from Thingiverse and collected the necessary parts. Putting each one together took about 2 hours after the 4 hours to print the bodies.

I’m quite happy with the results but plan to reprint the shells again with some modifications to the print settings to enhance the look and “Fit” of the power poles.