Welcome to devlanky.net.

This is my virtual makerspace. It’s really a catch all for my learning and making documentation.

Check out the projects posts to see what I have been up to.

Recent Projects / Updates

  • Make your own AllStar Node
    Making my own allstarlink node Remote access to your node from the Internet For Hams in Australia, there is a simple solution. Check out vk44.net. This free (at the moment) service for AR operators in Australia provides a simple solution which securely allows remote access to your node anywhere in the world with very little READ MORE
  • Robotics / AI / AR
    Lets make a robot. Lets make it smart.
  • 8-bit computer Starting to take shape
    Time to get moving on my 8-bit computer project…. Decided to to start combining the modules and setup the final configuration. This involved removing the protective backing from the mounting tape on the breadboards and committing to their final position on the computer. I’m still short a few breadboards, and still waiting on quite a READ MORE

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