8-bit computer Starting to take shape

my 8-bit computer on its base board

Time to get moving on my 8-bit computer project….

Decided to to start combining the modules and setup the final configuration. This involved removing the protective backing from the mounting tape on the breadboards and committing to their final position on the computer.

I’m still short a few breadboards, and still waiting on quite a few components that are on the slow boat from China, but i wanted to get it a bit more organised and complete the modules I can.

Did just find that the clock module is on a breadboard that is ever so slightly different in size than the newer boards, so I may have to remake it if I can’t get passed the OCD about those 2mm.

I also did some checking with a multi-meter and found that the power distribution will need to be beefed up to make sure that all of the breadboards have the required 5v as there seems to be a significant drop as you move away from the clock module. Thanks to Paul at South West Makers for the advice. I’ll be putting it into practise shortly.

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Introduction – Apple Device Management

Managing Apple iDevices can be quite complicated and as the number of devices you are responsible for increases, the challenge becomes insermoutable.

This project is my attempt to get a Mobile Device Management solution running on a shoe-string budget.

Using only free or nealy free solutions, my aim is to take control of the devices i need to manage and understand how they are used, where they are and control the installation of both in-house and third-party applications.

Initially I intend to use only Apple provided tools. If this provides adequate control, then all will be fine and the project will end. If not, then I will investigate the miriad of other tools available, all be it at a significant budget increase.

8-bit Computer

When I did my qualifications in computing in the 90’s, one of the basics I feel I missed out on was how computers work at an electronics level.

Recently I have been watching as series of videos on youtube by Ben Eater. This video series explains how a computer works on a fundamental level. Ben builds an 8-bit computer on breadboards.

This project is my investigations based on his work and is an attempt to make myself more aware of the underlying hardware I use everyday actually works..

Check out Ben’s videos on his Youtube Channel

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