I’m becoming an Amateur Radio Operator

Over the last few weeks I decided I would finally go ahead and get my Amateur Radio License. It’s not the first time I’ve though about it. Back in 2014 I was looking at it but circumstances at the time meant it was not to be. So now I’m determined to become an amateur radio operator

Last weekend I made contact the the Bunbury Radio Club and Monday evening I attended a meeting at the Parade Hotel. The club has quite the history and has been regularly meeting for more than 30 years. There were 4 members present and my application for membership was accepted.

Check out the site at www.bunburyradioclub.com

There’s so much to learn and I’ve booked into the Ham College in August to study and take the test for my foundation license.

WebSDR’s are a great thing. I’ve spent. few hours this week listening around the bands.

I look forward to getting on the air shortly and get some equipment set up soon.